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Enjoy the journey.

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core features.

At the very core of the YGA Club is our unique "Learning Triangle" system. We combine three key learning elements to ensure you reach your guitar playing goals, and have a lot of fun on the way!

Learning Pathways

Find the structure you desperately need to progress and take the next steps in your playing.

Progress Tracking

A great plan can't be completed without great execution. We inspire you pick up the guitar each day.

YGA Mentors

Feedback and support from our team of tutors, on hand to keep you focused and moving forwards.

access to everything!

In our YGA Club you get access to every single course, complete with interactive tab, audio tracks, progress tracking, a shiny new website and so much more.

start your14 day free trial

then just £9.99 a month

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only the best mentors.

Your mentors are the cream of the YGA crop! With years of experience and thousands of lessons taught, these guys are the best in the business.

Our mentors are always around our community group to lend a helping hand, and are available for 1:1 lessons if you feel you need extra guidance.*

*1:1 lessons are not included with the subscription, but are at the discounted rate of £30 per hour.

progress reviews.

Every month you can post a progress review on our community group, and one of our mentors will give you feedback and extra guidance on your playing.

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then just £9.99 a month

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so much more...

Yes, we want you to make more progress than you've ever made on the guitar. And yes, our core learning system will get you there. But we also want you to learn to love the journey. Here's how we do it...

Best Community

Connect & chat with like minded students & your mentors via our wonderful community.

Backing Tracks

You'll have every single backing track and jam track for every single course.

Weekly Live

Our mentors go live once a week to chat to you guys, and discuss fun guitar topics!

Ad Free Videos

No more YouTube ads or selling segments. Just the core content for the course.

Interactive Tab

Tab that moves along with the music! Slow down, loop and speed train with this interface.

50% Off Downloads

Prefer to own our download and own our courses? Get 50% off every course.

Finally, some of our Club students have been kind enough to send in a video review. Check it out!

start your14 day free trial

then just £9.99 a month

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